Friday, November 6, 2009

New Helpful Consumer Information Website

In an effort to help people find important information on a variety of topics, we've launched a new website at:

For example, it'll offer information on:

  1. cosmetic surgery from Mid Valley Dermatology

  2. designer evening gowns from Lorena Sarbu

  3. diabetes from MiniPharmacy

  4. hand surgery from Dr. Pruzansky

  5. kid's room decor from Elephants On The Wall

  6. knee and hip replacement surgery from Dr. Zeegen

  7. living wills and advance directives from Advance Directive LLC

  8. orthopedics in Tyler, Texas from Azalea Orthopedics

  9. orthopedics in Santa Clarita, CA from Dr. Jeffrey Kantor

  10. playground safety surfacing from Prodek

  11. plastic surgery from Pacific Center Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, Orange County

  12. prolotherapy from Dr. Mark Darrow's Prolotherapy Institute

  13. public relations from Los Angeles-based PR Expert Eileen Koch

  14. sports medicine in Burbank from Dr. Stetson

Plus more to come.

Please check it out and let us know your thoughts.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Diabetic Supplies Video Posted On YouTube

My client,, has posted this video on YouTube. But you can watch it here.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Article On Living Wills And President Obama

One of my clients has written a great article on the importance of having a living will, and why President and Michelle Obama have one. You should, too.

Good stuff.

Living Will: Why President Obama Recommends That Every American One

There are many articles circulating around the country about changes to “end of life” health care reform and whether anyone will have a choice in deciding their fate. Most of the comments are misinformation. Living Wills (Advance Directives) are still the preferred documentation to address your wishes. President Obama announced the completion of his Living Will while addressing AARP. It was not to change any area of health care but to show responsibility for this very important step with his, and our, personal journeys along the health care path. The bottom line is responsibility!

Our President with all the pressures of the United States, and the world baring down on him each and every day, took the time to look at his responsibility to his wife, children and family to make sure his choices for “end of life” care will not be a burden on them. Instead, he has documented his choices for them to follow with a Living Will. His “health care representative” will have a guided plan to follow, as well as physicians, hospital, and his family. Obama addressed AARP and stated,

“The problem right now is that most of us don’t give direction to our family members, so when we get really badly sick … the [doctors] are making decisions in consultation with your kids or your grandkids and nobody knows what you would have preferred.” Both he and his wife, Michelle, had already made living wills, Obama added.

Obama is much more closely followed by White House scrutiny for his health care needs and this would play a role with his care. Most of us will never have to be under that scrutiny and therefore rely only on our well-thought-out plans and choices. Our responsibility is no different from that of President Obama’s. We should not put our families in a position of guessing what should be done in an “end of life” crisis. Emotions, fear and lack of medical knowledge for those not having a Living Will to follow can change someone’s outcome leading to prolonged suffering and financial burdens.

Take on the responsibility to understand what the content of a Living Will (Advance Directive) is saying and make your decisions based on discussions with family, close friends or an attorney. None of us will escape the inevitable of not passing from this earth. While having a sound mind and good health, start those discussions and make a goal of completing your choices for your spouse, children and family. It is your Responsibility.

Now that you have completed your Living Will what do you do with it? President Obama probably has a very secure place for his. He also has many staff that can access it when and whereever he needs it. How about you? Most people store their important documents in a file or in a drawer where no one has access to it in an emergency situation. Does your “health care representative” know that location? When you travel can you or your “health care representative access your Living Will?

The only way to have easy access to your living will is to carry it with you everywhere you go! What a hassle! The best way is to store your important health care documents as an online “electronic file” that can be accessed 24/7. There are a few firms out there that can help accomplish this. I recommend

You should electronically file your Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney, copies of your health insurance card, and even your driver’s license. This allows you or who ever is taking care of your medical health, estate or health insurance to have access to important information that will be required to make important decisions for you. I recently took care of my uncle who lived in San Diego, CA from Medford, OR using the online electronic file and giving access to the hospital, doctors and medical insurance company to provide information that was required to complete his care.

The reason President Obama recommends every American to have a Living Will is RESPONSIBILITY. Your Responsibility!

Gregory L. Gilbert, MSA
Advance Directive LLC

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anterior Hip Replacement Specialist Dr. Zeegen Podcast

I recently interviewed Dr. Erik Zeegen who is a hip replacement specialist with a practice in Tarzana, California. He explained the advantages and benefits of the Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement Surgery.

Podcast: Anterior Approach To Hip Replacement Surgery

Zeegen, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, is the Associate Medical Director of the Valley Hip & Knee Institute. His practice is focused on hip and knee replacement surgery, including revising hip and knee replacements that have failed.

Dr. Zeegen offers the latest medical technologies, including lesser invasive techniques and sophisticated knee pain and hip pain management protocols. This allows his patients the greatest opportunity of returning to an active lifestyle with the least amount of post-operative pain. Dr. Zeegen also offers transfusion-free surgery to those patients who require such service.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good Company Senior Care Expands Online Resources to Help Families Caring for Elderly Relatives

Our client just published this new press release, here it is-

LOS ANGELES – June 29, 2009
Los Angeles-based home care agency Good Company Senior Care, Inc. is expanding its website, with a variety of helpful articles, senior care resources and a new blog focused on senior care issues.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to help families cope with the stress and challenges of caring for their elderly loved ones,” said Jack C. Merrick, Good Company’s co-executive director. “We’re publishing a series of articles on our website and writing informative blog posts on topics of interest to everyone with caregiving responsibilities for aging parents or relatives.”
Recent articles and blog posts include tips for reducing caregiver stress, senior nutrition ideas, and activity suggestions for helping seniors with dementia stay mentally stimulated and engaged.

“We have such a talented team of professional caregivers, and they’re always sharing their experience and ideas with each other and with the management team,” noted Merrick. “As a result, we’ve accumulated a lot of practical advice and wisdom that we can pass along to anyone who needs it. Our website and our blog provide an excellent, free forum for sharing, and for opening up a dialogue with others facing similar challenges.”

Good Company is a full-service senior care agency dedicated to helping seniors live safer and healthier lives in their own homes. For a few hours a day or around-the-clock, Good Company caregivers help seniors with daily tasks and activities, driving to appointments and errands, preparing healthy meals, bathing and grooming. They provide companionship and activities, helping elderly clients stay alert and engaged in life. In some cases, Good Company works in conjunction with hospice care providers, helping with end-of-life care.

Good Company is certified by the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) and has a highly selective recruiting and screening process developed by a management team who share more 50 years of staffing experience. Fewer than 1 in 15 applicants are hired as Good Company caregivers. Extensive background checks, DMV driving record checks, interviews and reference verifications are standard. Managers also invest a lot of time matching each senior with the right caregiver.

“While our primary goal is to provide the highest quality in-home care to our clients, we look forward to serving as a strong online resource as well,” said Merrick. “Not everyone has the resources to hire in-home caregivers, so we’ll do whatever we can to provide helpful information, guidance, tips and ideas to everyone who is shouldering caregiving responsibilities. We invest a lot in education and training for ourselves and our staff and we’re happy to share what we learn with others.”

Jack C. Merrick, Co-executive Director,
Good Company Senior Care
TEL: 323.932.8700

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Knee & Hip Replacement Specialist To Increase Internet Awareness Through Search Engine Optimization Firm

Our clientDr. Zeegan of Valley Joint Replacement has just published a new press release.

06.06.2009 00:32:20 Los Angeles-based knee and hip replacement surgeon Dr. Erik N. Zeegen has retained SEO Einstein to increase Internet presence and awareness for his knee and hip replacement practice.

( - June 3, 2009 – Dr. Erik Zeegen, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and Associate Medical Director of Valley Hip & Knee Institute, announced, “We’re very excited to be working with SEO Einstein's owner Frank Buddenbrock to increase our practice's Internet presence. Through his implementation of a combination of search engine optimization and Web 2.0 Internet marketing methods, we’re confident our website
will begin to draw a new crop of patients.”

Frank Buddenbrock explains, “Search engine optimization is essentially a methodology that increases the traffic to a website from search engines’ “natural” or “organic” search results
. It’s a matter of optimizing a website through carefully thought-out HTML coding and the inclusion of relevant content and keywords. But most importantly, it’s critical that the site offers its visitors the best user experience possible. An effective site offers content in a number of ways: text of course, but also video and audio. Dr. Zeegen’s website, has great useful information for people who think they may need total knee or total hip replacement surgery. His site has a Frequently Asked Questions section in addition to information on what recovery from the surgery will be like. There are even a number of videos describing the different types of surgery. Any visitor to the site will enjoy a great user experience.”

Buddenbrock continues, “For Internet Marketing, our philosophy is quite simple really: Find out what people are searching for and then work like crazy to put the website in front of them. Through extensive research, we’re able to determine the most often searched-for keywords and phrases for each of our clients. Then it’s a matter of using those keywords and phrases properly on the website, and in all their Web 2.0 Internet marketing. Web 2.0 marketing includes: article writing and submission, media & press releases, podcasts, videos, social media sites, blogging, forums, social bookmarking, and Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Rather than wait for people to find you only through a keyword search, our goal is to use Web 2.0 Internet marketing techniques to vastly increase a company’s online presence.”
Dr. Zeegen joins a growing number of website owners who see Internet marketing as a vital marketing method. With more than 80% of Internet users looking for information that solves a problem or answers a question, companys that put their websites where their potential customers can find them can’t help but increase their business.

Dr. Erik N. Zeegen is a member of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society, the California Orthopaedic Association and the American Medical Association. He has authored many academic papers and textbook chapters and has presented talks at national and international meetings on the topic of hip and knee replacements. He is Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the UCLA School of Medicine.

Dr. Zeegen performs most of his surgeries at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, and is affiliated with Tarzana Hospital, Encino Hospital and the Wadsworth VA Hospital in Los Angeles.

Specializing in Search Engine Optimization and Web 2.0 Internet marketing, SEO Einstein,, located in Agoura Hills, a suburb northwest of Los Angeles, provides expertise that increases the Internet presence for a broad range of start-up, growth and mature companies including: doctors, dentists, PR professionals, authors, psychologists, publishers, food service, hospitality, manufacturers, tradesmen, and land development.

Contact information:
Valley Joint Replacement

5525 Etiwanda Ave., #324

Contact Person:
Erik Zeegan
Head Surgeon
Phone: 818.708.9090

Frank Buddenbrock
Phone: 8189917135

Good Company Senior Care Becomes a CAHSAH Certified In Home Senior Care Aide Organization

One of our clients, Good Company Senior Care, just posted this press release.

LOS ANGELES – June 11, 2009
Los Angeles-based in home senior care agency Good Company Senior Care, Inc. recently became one of the first home care organizations in the state certified under strict standards set by CAHSAH, the California Association for Health Services at Home.
CAHSAH is the leading advocate for high quality in home senior care services in California, and has a tradition of public service dating back to 1966.

The new CAHSAH Certification Program will help consumers make better choices in a largely unregulated industry where anyone can offer in home senior health care services without specific training and certification. All home health care organizations are encouraged to participate in the CAHSAH program.

CAHSAH-certified agencies must submit proof of that they do all of the following:
§ Have General and Professional Liability Insurance coverage
§ Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage
§ Have Crime / Employee Dishonesty Bond coverage
§ Perform Pre-employment Background Clearance on all Home Care Aides
§ Perform Pre-employment Tuberculosis Screening of all Home Care Aides
§ Provide a signed Service Agreement including a specification of fees before service begins

Good Company goes above and beyond CAHSAH’s certification standards, with a highly selective recruiting and screening process developed by a management team who share more 50 years of staffing experience. Fewer than 1 in 15 applicants are hired as Good Company in home senior caregivers. Extensive background checks, DMV driving record checks, interviews and reference verifications are standard. Managers also invest a lot of time matching each senior with the right caregiver.

Good Company is a full-service non-medical senior health care agency dedicated to helping seniors live safer and healthier lives in their own homes. For a few hours a day or around-the-clock, Good Company caregivers help seniors with daily tasks and activities, driving to appointments and errands, preparing healthy meals, bathing and grooming. They provide companionship and activities, helping elderly clients stay alert and engaged in life. In some cases, Good Company works in conjunction with hospice care providers, helping with end-of-life care.

Many of Good Company’s caregivers are Certified Medical Assistants and all are highly knowledgeable about the needs of frail seniors, Alzheimer’s/dementia patients and the needs of those recovering from surgery, cancer, stroke and other ailments. Caregivers continue receiving education and training while they work for Good Company, to ensure they can always provide the best possible care.

While Good Company’s caregivers are not medical providers, they do make sure their elderly clients don’t skip medications, and drive them to medical appointments. They maintain calendars and make sure medical follow-up care instructions are carried out, communicating frequently so that adult children know everything about their elderly parents’ health issues and needs.

“We are proud to be a CAHSAH-certified agency,” said Jack C. Merrick, Good Company’s co-executive director. “Having a statewide certification system is very important in an industry that people rely upon for the safety and health of their most vulnerable loved ones. We encourage all senior care agencies to join CAHSAH and complete the certification process.”
CAHSAH Certification and the effort to establish verifiable standards for non-medical in-home care will help ensure the future of the home care industry stays strong.

“For many families, home care is an important alternative to assisted living facilities and nursing homes,” Merrick noted. “Many seniors are anxious to avoid nursing homes as long as possible, they want the comfort and security of their own homes. But many adult children are afraid for their parents safety living alone.”

Thanks to CAHSAH Certification, agencies like Good Company Senior Care can give consumers confidence and guidance in choosing trustworthy professional in-home care for their elderly parents and relatives.

Jack C. Merrick, Co-executive Director,
Good Company Senior Care
TEL: 323.932.8700

About CAHSAH (California Association for Health Services at Home)

Texas Orthopedics Practice Surpasses Patient Satisfaction Benchmarks

Here is a press release one of our clients, Azalea Orthopedics, recently submitted. Congradulations on your success.

(Tyler, Texas)- Azalea Orthopedics in Tyler, Texas, was ranked in the 97th percentile of healthcare facilities across the country for patient satisfaction, according to a patient satisfaction survey conducted by Press Ganey Associates, reported the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

Within their specific region which includes Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, Azalea Orthopedics (Azalea) ranked in the 99th percentile.

The Press Ganey Associates survey measured several factors including the concern for patients' privacy, sensitivity to patients' needs, waiting times, communication of delays and quality of care.

Azalea, which has ranked in the 92nd percentile the past three quarters, aimed to reach the 95th and exceeded its goal by reviewing data from previous year's surveys and identifying areas for improvement. The staff members collectively worked to push past that extra point and finally reached the 97th percentile. Azalea officials said as reports are released each quarter they review data to identify areas that need the most improvement. As one objective was met, the staff looked toward the next one.

"It's about taking ownership," said Dr. Michael Russell, an Azalea orthopedic spine surgeon. "It’s important to not just care for the patient, but give them a good experience while here, and take care of their families' needs."

"The goal is to stay at 95 percent or better and we will be satisfied," Russell said. The clinic was also recognized for an improvement of 1.3 mean score points in overall satisfaction from Feb. 1 to April 30, 2009.

About Press Ganey

For more than 20 years, Press Ganey has led the health care industry working with more than 7,000 health care organizations, including nearly 40 percent of U.S. hospitals—to measure and improve their quality of care.

Millions of patients, employees, and physicians complete their surveys annually and offer the industry's most comprehensive comparative databases. By transforming their survey results into action plans and improvement strategies, they help their clients achieve growth and success that can be measured.

Clients turn to Press Ganey for the industry's largest databases of comparative customer feedback, as well as actionable survey data, resources for crafting action plans, and unparalleled customer service.

About Azalea Orthopedics

In addition to general and pediatric orthopedic, Azalea Orthopedics provides care for: nerve pain, the spine, sports medicine, foot and ankle problems, knee and hip problems, hand and elbow problems, and offers physical rehabilitation. It has 140 employees including 19 surgeons at two locations: 1905 Donnybrook Ave. and 3414 Golden Road. Azalea Orthopedics will combine their two current locations in July 2009 and continue to offer their general and pediatric orthopedic services at the Donnybrook site.

Submitted by Frank Buddenbrock, Internet Marketing Strategist for Azalea Orthopedics.

More information is available at:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Self Esteem Doc To Appear On The Mel Robbins Show

Catherine Cardinal, our Self Esteem Doc, was on The Mel Robbins Show on Monday, May 18.

The Mel Robbins Show is a station in Boston that primarily discusses advice and relationships and provides honest and entertaining coaching, storytelling and problem solving. Mel Robbins, the host, focuses on real life problems, personal dramas and conflict to find the right answer for her listeners.The show airs live every Saturday on 96.9 WTKK from 8am -10am EDT, and on Monday thru Friday at 11am-12pm EDT. The show broadcasts in over 20 markets and a live audio stream can be heard on Borders Radio. Also, check out Mel’s blog to get more information about the topics discussed.

Congratulations to Catherine.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Catherine Cardinal "Self Esteem Doc" Presents 7 Body Image and Self Esteem Tips

One of my newer Search Engine Optimization clients, Catherine Cardinal, also known as Self Esteem Doc, has written a great article on self esteem and body image. Lord knows how concerned we all are with body image, and maybe even more so here in Southern California.

Here is her newest article:

7 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Body Image And Self Esteem

For many people, their body image and self esteem form the foundational fabric of who they are. Your self esteem can be improved by instituting the following suggestions.

1. Learn to set reasonable goals. Whether it’s about your exercise routine or diet, don’t set the bar too high or you may find yourself resisting and then failing. Remember that a healthy, balanced life is a journey of steps. Give yourself permission to win by keeping a steady workable pace.

2. Single out what is beautiful about you. Perhaps you love your eyes, or your legs, but are unhappy with other parts. Keep your focus on those parts that work for you and know that everyone has parts they love and parts they wish they could change. Look into a mirror and focus on the good stuff.

3. Think before you speak and be a generous listener. When you take the time to hear others and contemplate what you are saying back, you are likely to have less conflict and form more genuine bonds with others. Receiving the love of great friends who accept us for exactly as we are, is a great asset to helping us love and accept ourselves.

4. Take pride in your accomplishments. We are all good at something. Make a list of those things which you feel really good about and read that list every day. "I am kind, courageous, a great swimmer, etc." Believe in your ability to be competent and also your ability to learn and accomplish new things.

5. Fast one day every two weeks. Give your body a rest by feeding it only vegetable and/or fruit juices. This cleansing will help keep your weight down, minimize cellulite and give you energy. If you feel good about it, try once a week.

6. Be aware of your inner critic. The negative voice in your head which puts you down. When you hear it, tell it to "pipe down and take a hike"! You are in control of your body and mind and no one is going to make you feel less than or not good enough. The critic is a result of all the negative things you have heard or experienced in your life. Let it all go and create positive scenarios in your head. Allow yourself to be creative and imaginative with your new found supportive voices.

7. Be in the moment. When you accept the reality of your life exactly as it is now, you stop the futile worrying about the past and the future. Take a moment each day to meditate on what is good about right now and focus on that. Give thanks and gratitude for what is good and believe that things can get better for you. Having these positive thoughts is the secret to a happier life.